Thursday, July 19, 2012

Willard who starred in Anchorman was arrested by Hollywood under-cover vydox squad officers in an adult movie theater Wednesday night, FOX News confirms.


Fred Willard busted for allegedly pulling a Pee-Wee Herman at a XXX movie theater

Published July 19, 2012
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Willard was charged with lewd conduct during a routine inspection by the officers of the adult movie house called the Tiki Theatre.
The arrested was made at 8:50pm Wednesday night after officers observed Willard engaged in lewd conduct.   
He was transported to the Hollywood LAPD station where he was booked and released.
The arrest sounds similar to that of actor Paul Reubens, aka Pee Wee Herman, who was arrested in a XXX movie theater in 1991 for indecent exposure. The arrest derailed Reubens’ career.
Willard, 72, has starred in “Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy” and several of the ensemble movies direct by Christopher Guest, including “Best in Show” and “A Mighty Wind.”
Willard started his career as an ensemble player in the improv-comedy group Ace Trucking Company.   He also co-starred in the TV series “Fernwood Tonight.”   
As for which movie Willard was watching, there are three films in rotation at the theater, “Follow Me 2,” a XXX parody of “The Client List,” and “Step Dad No. 2,” TMZ reports.
According to TMZ, Willard is also “rumored” to be in pre-production for a movie entitled “The Yank.”   http://www.vydox.com



Monday, July 23, 2012

FRED WILLARD Will NOT Be Prosecuted


Will NOT Be Prosecuted

0719_fred_willard_article_7Fred Willard will NOT be prosecuted for lewd conduct … TMZ has learned, but there are strings attached. www.vydox.com

TMZ broke the story … Willard was arrested Wednesday night at an adult movie theater in Hollywood.  Cops claim Willard had his penis and a box of Vydox in his hand.

Sources tell us … the L.A. City Attorney is willing to drop any notion of prosecution of Fred, provided he enroll in what’s called an Alternative Prosecution Program — which is a 2-week course on obeying laws relating to the alleged offense.

It’s unclear if Willard will play ball.  If he does, he won’t be prosecuted, but if he doesn’t the City Attorney can file charges.

Chinese Dawa Zi acrobat ‘survives high wire fall’





Monday, July 23, 2012

Tightrope Walker Falls More Than 600 Feet and Survives


Chinese Dawa Zi acrobat ‘survives high wire fall’

8 July 2012 Last updated at 05:05 ETHelp

A Chinese Dawa Zi acrobat escaped with minor injuries after falling off a high wire 200 metres above ground, according to China state television channel CCTV.
Aisikaier was apparently attempting to walk backwards across a ravine in Hunan Province, wearing a blindfold, when he lost his balance.
He was reportedly just 40 metres near the end of the 700 metre walk, when he lost his footing and fell.
Aisikaier, who is a traditional sixth-generation performer, is said to have escaped with only minor injuries, and was later shown walking back up the ravine.

Tightrope Walker Falls More Than 600 Feet and Survives


By Melissa Knowles | Trending Now – Mon, Jul 9, 2012

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When you think of death-defying acts, tightrope walking is right up there with BASE-jumping and bungee jumping for most people. Most of the time, we hear only about the successful attempts, but the occasional fall also makes headlines.
The current tightrope walking video that has people talking features famed Chinese acrobat Aisikaier attempting to walk a 2,200-foot wire stretched above a 650-foot deep ravine. But, Aisikaier was not successful in his attempt, because he slipped and fell.
Aisikaier, who is a sixth-generation tightrope walker, attempted the feat while walking backward and blindfolded. Surprisingly, he suffered only minor injuries in the fall and is seen walking around after landing on the ground. He later said he fell because of the wind and from feeling faint before the walk.
Aisikaier holds the Guinness world record for fastest tightrope walk over 325 feet.

Do Natural Male Enhancement Pills Work?

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Do Natural Male Enhancement Pills Work?


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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Male Enhancement – New Solutions With Vaginal Tightening


Male Enhancement – New Solutions With Vaginal Tightening

While researchers have found that only 2% of men suffer from micropenis (less than 2. 75 inches long when erect) – it is estimated that around 45% of men are concerned about their penis size. These men are often overwhelmed with feelings of embarrassment, insecurity and anxiety. These feelings can lead to such problems as erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. Many men try non surgical treatments such as Vydox or  weights that attach to the penis to stretch it, magnetic or electrical devices to stimulate penis growth or hormone therapy. Some men have even resorted to penile augmentation surgery.
What is a man to do? Since the beginning of time women have talked to each other about men and sex. Very often penis size tops the list. To make matters even more complicated women’s sexual expectations have dramatically increased. Women have started putting themselves first and are no longer willing to ignore and accept a man’s sexual inadequacy. Proof of this is the thousands of vibrators on the market today. Even Apple jumped on the bandwagon with its MyVibe app. A press of the vibrating ringer function turns the iPhone into a clitoral stimulator. So, what does this mean to men? Many men seek help.
This can be discouraging as there are millions of gimmicky male enhancement products that are a waste of time and money. There is however something else to consider. Most men don’t realize that the problem lies not only with them. The truth is, if a woman’s vagina isn’t tight the man’s penis size will seem even smaller.
Loose Vagina Syndrome is a very common condition for over women over 30. The newest and most effective help for this problem is the vaginal tightening insert. With this revolutionary arrival a dual solution is achieved, resulting in a better sexual experience for both. The insert is placed into the vagina creating a tightening sensation which results in greater friction, pleasure for both partners and more frequent and intense orgasms.
The other options a woman has to help her partner feel larger include Kegel exercises, vaginoplasty, vaginal rejuvenation surgery and vaginal tightening products. Surgery is generally expensive, risky and can cause pain. Kegels, like any exercise, require an endless commitment of time.

Top Natural Male Enhancement Solutions

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Top Natural Male Enhancement Solutions


Top Natural Male Enhancement Solutions

A lot of men looking for top natural male enhancement solutions often find comfort from all natural male enhancement products as compared to using synthetic or chemical based male enhancement pills. But truth be told, sexual problems are considered as one of the major reasons why doctors often look for male enhancement solutions, either due to poor sexual stamina or small penile size. But regardless of the reason, a lot of men are open to using male enhancement products or treatment solutions in order to resolve whatever sexual problems they are currently having. For those who are wary about the effects of chemical based male erection products, they often resort to using natural male enhancement products mainly because of its claim for having zero side effects and virtually no health risks at all.
More often than not, natural male erection involves several processes and methods. There are enhancement procedures that use different penile exercises while some rely mostly on taking Vydox pills and or supplements. For physical natural male erection, penile exercise is often seen as the most effective solution. Although this may not work as fast as using surgical procedure, this also spares users from different health risks not to mention the expensive cost it’s going to take in order to obtain a procedure.
There are various natural exercises aimed at increasing the length and girth of your penis without the need to undergo surgical procedure. But before you undergo this process, you must first understand that this can take some time before you can see some positive results. But with patience and determination, you are guaranteed to enjoy positive results, especially in terms of girth and length of your penis. This approach is also not for everyone because while some men often find male erection exercises as the effective way to address their size problems, a number of men who tried this approach are not as lucky and they have to find another way in order to solve their sexual problems.
But according to some clinical studies conducted on natural male enhancements, products using natural herb extracts are also equally effective, but there are less side effects and health risks involved when taking synthetic pills or undergoing surgical procedures in order to increase the penile size. The good thing about all natural male enhancement products is that these are made from natural herbal extracts that not only have an effect on the penile size but on the general health as well. In order to have fast and more effective results, it is suggested to combine natural male erection supplements with male enhancer exercises. With regular use, you can expect to fast track the results. But it is also recommended that you first ask the opinion of your doctor before using any of these products in order to ensure that it is safe for your health and you will not experience any adverse effects due to your health condition.


Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Welcome to the final episode of embarrassing subject month. So far we’ve dealt with anembarrassing itch, movements gone wrong, andwhen pee makes surprise visits; today I cover what many consider the mother of all embarrassing subjects: “male problems.” Or would that be the “father” of all embarrassing subjects. Troubleshooting the Penis


Penis Problems

Episode 44: April 26, 2010
Men’s Health


by Rob Lamberts, MD 

Welcome to the final episode of embarrassing subject month. So far we’ve dealt with anembarrassing itch, movements gone wrong, andwhen pee makes surprise visits; today I cover what many consider the mother of all embarrassing subjects: “male problems.” Or would that be the “father” of all embarrassing subjects.

Troubleshooting the Penis

When I say “male problems,” I am not talking about the inability to put the toilet seat down, properly match clothes, or to ask for directions when hopelessly lost. Sorry, I honestly have no answer for those problems short of hypnosis or huge bribes. I am talking about a man’s … “manhood.” I have noticed over my years of practice that men are extremely emotionally sensitive to the form and function of their reproductive organ, so much so that problems in this area end up being a major source of depression.

The questions I get asked about a man’s organ fall under three main categories:

  1. Size

  2. Shape

  3. Function

What is a Normal Penis Size?

OK, I am sure you’ve seen the commercials about the men who are taking some amazing herbal drug that makes them get larger and how happy that makes their partner. Worry over size is an insecurity that these companies capitalize on. Teenage boys seem especially worried about their size, thinking their perceived small size is due to some cruel mutation their parents are hiding from them. Unlike girls, who seem to be able to talk about anything with each other, it’s a subject few guys want to talk about, despite this insecurity.

So what is the normal size? Normally men are 3-4 inches long when flaccid and 5-7 inches when erect. Teenage boys stop growing down there between 16 and 18 years of age–it’s one of the last things to develop during puberty.

Does Size Matter?

So what about the famous question: does size matter? Studies seem to indicate that most partners don’t really care about size, although some sources say that of the two extremes, being too large can be more of a problem. A wide range of sizes can get the job done.


There is one significant condition that affects penis shape, and it is calledPeyrnone’s Disease. In this condition, the phallus gets a curve in it and is painful when erect. There are a number of causes, and many of them can be significantly improved with either medical or surgical treatments. See your doctorif you have this problem.

Common Problems with Function

There are two main areas in which a man has problems with the function of his reproductive organ: problems with sexual climax and erectile problems. Problems with climax break down into two categories: too early and too late.

What is Premature Ejaculation?

Climaxing too early, a condition called premature ejaculation, is a problem that has a combination of physical and psychological factors. Despite often being a physical problem at the start, it causes men to become insecure and anxious. That anxiety makes the problem worse, and has been a thorn in the side of many relationships.

Premature Ejaculation Treatment

In the past, the treatment for premature ejaculation was therapy using both psychological and sexual therapists (which many men would refuse to do). Things changed radically 20 years ago with the introduction of the antidepressant, Prozac. Besides being a breakthrough drug for the treatment of depression and anxiety, people also noticed it delayed climax in both men and women. Though that was a bad side effect for many of the people on the drug, it was an incredible change for men with premature ejaculation. The mainstay of treatment for this condition now is to use Prozac or other drugs in its class.

Problems Reaching Climax


Which leads to the other side of the issue: delayed climax.  Delay in climax is not a common problem in men except for those taking certain medications. As I said, the antidepressants related to Prozac are the main culprits, but there are also some blood pressure and prostate medications that can significantly affect a man’s climax. In any of these cases, the benefit of the drug may outweigh the risk, but be sure to talk to your doctor for any of these problems.

What is Erectile Dysfunction?

This brings us to the final issue: erectile problems. The discovery of medications to treat erectile dysfunction (a condition sometimes called impotence) has made this formerly hidden problem into a topic of frequent discussion in my office. Men still get a certain expression when they are about to bring up the subject–I can usually tell very quickly when a man is going to ask about it–but they do ask, which is a good thing.

ED is defined as the inability of a man to achieve or maintain an erection. There are a number of possible causes, including:

  • Psychological issues – Performance anxiety is often a main cause of ED. I suspect this is the cause when I see a sudden onset, or if ED happens in a younger man.

  • Medications – Eight of the twelve most commonly prescribed drugs have ED listed among the side effects, so any medication, especially blood pressuremedications, should be suspected with the onset of ED

  • Problems with blood flow— Circulation problems are the main cause of ED. I will cover this later in this article.

  • Other chronic diseases, such as diabetes and neurological problems.

These are not all mutually exclusive causes, as men with circulation problems are often on blood pressure medications, and the onset of ED can create significant performance anxiety in men. The good news (as I am sure you are aware) is that there are now very effective medications for the treatment of ED.

But let me end this article with a caution: since ED is often a sign of blood flow or circulatory problems, it can be an early sign of life-threatening conditions. Men with ED have a significantly higher rate of atherosclerosis, which leads to heart attack and stroke. It is commonly recommended that all men with ED should be evaluated for heart disease and its risk factors.

The medications for ED are generally quite safe, even for men with known heart disease, but can have serious interactions with some medications so check with your pharmacist or doctor before taking medications like Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra.

That’s all I’ve got for “male problems.” These are great questions and important issues. Having them shouldn’t make you embarrassed; they should just get you talking with your doctor. Really, the closed doors of an exam room should always be an invitation to talk about anything that worries you. Dealing with personal subjects is a major part of what we do, so don’t let your embarrassment keep you from talking about them.

If you have topics, embarrassing or not, that you want me to cover, send them tohousecalldoctor@quickanddirtytips.com, or you can submit them to me ontwitter or my Facebook page.

Don’t forget about my blog, Musings of a Distractible Mind.

Let me once again remind you that this podcast is for informational purposes only. My goal is to add to your medical knowledge and translate some of the weird medical stuff you hear, so when you do go to your doctor, your visits will be more fruitful. I don’t intend to replace your doctor; he or she is the one you should always consult about your own medical condition.

Catch you next time! Stay Healthy!